FxDK - Few problem I've noticed


I’ve got a few problem I’ve noticed with FxDK

  1. Inputs are really whacky (keystrokes)
    I’m sure you’ve noticed it yourself, but the key inputs are near awful.
    Sometimes the buttun you press pretty much “stick” - For example sometimes when I press “W” i will keep going forward untill I press that buttun again.
    When scrolling the direction is opposite, MWUp scrolls down and MWDown scrolls up.

  2. I can only start my server once then I have to clear cache.
    I can’t do anything about it, I have to clear cache, I’ve restartet my PC multiple times.

  3. Sometimes the my client just refuses to connect to the server.
    Sometimes it looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/Nel7Bv9.png
    Otherwise it will say “Done Preloading” or something like that. Sometimes a server restart works, otherwise I have to restart FxDK

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Update on that: I can’t even start the server at all now, I’ve tried all this multiple times:

  • Tried switching between Canary and Normal
  • Restartet my PC
  • Clearing the entire FiveM Cache
  • Redownloading FiveM entirely.