Full Auto Switch


  • Usable trigger item to turn single shot pistols into fully automatic pistols
  • Config file to add multiple pistol types
  • Works with custom weapons
  • Item needed to remove/add triggers
  • Remove the trigger to make a pistol single shot


  • qb-inventory or quasar inventory or similar inventory
  • qb-core


Code is accessible Open Source Version = YES - Escrow = Config Only
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 250
Requirements qb-core, qb-inventory or similar inventory system
Support Yes

Pretty neat, works great so far. I like the 55% off sale you have going on right now too. Picked this up for about $8 :slight_smile:

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35 dollars to switch out the weapon when using an item? crazy

I’m sorry you feel that way. Feel free to DM me with any suggestion or concerns and I’ll gladly help you out or consider your suggestions.