FUERZA REGIDA - Hive RP: Street Mob is Looking For Serious Staff for Server Launch

Who are we?

Hive RP Street Mob is a Brand New FiveM RP Server. Teaming up with FUERZA REGIDA and many other high profile streamers or influencers from around the globe. Fully Launching in May of 2024, expect top quality RP with top of the line server assets. Maybe YOU Will Pickup some Spanish or New Friends.

What does Hive RP Street Mob offer?

Main Specs:

  • USA & Mexico Sides of the Map with Full Border
  • English Server with Spanish Support
  • USA & Mexico Passports, Work Permits and Illegal Immigration RP
  • Realistic Double Currency Banking and Payment System - USD & Pesos
  • Realistic Car Dealerships with Financing, Leasing, Test Drives & Rentals
  • Custom Lore Vehicles, Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle or Business
  • 7 Different Types of Fuel Services Gas, Diesel, Propane, Boat, Jet, Race, Electric
  • Advanced MLO Housing with Purchase, Rental & Leasing Options
  • Realistic Multi Country Economy & Realtime Exchange Rates
  • Advanced Whitelisting & Queue Systems
  • Multiple Ways Drug System
  • Legal or Illegal Casino & Lottery Gaming Action
  • Full Government Support
  • Full Business Support with Custom Made to Play Scripts
  • Interact with Every Prop in Game for a Never Ending Experience
  • Multiple Ways to Land your Dream Career, Business or Lifestyle
  • Robberies & Activities in Every MLO Across the Server
  • Hundreds of Custom Lore Vehicles, Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle or Business
  • Hundreds of Custom MLOs available
  • Custom Islands for USA & Mexico
  • Multiple Custom Racing Tracks & Street Racing Scenes
  • Custom Clothing for Government, Businesses & Civilians
  • Custom Peds & Animals
  • Operating on the Latest GTA Builds & Scripts

Government Support:

  • US Border Patrol
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Los Santos Port Authority
  • Department of Corrections
  • Los Santos County Sheriffs
  • Mexico Policía Federal
  • Flight School
  • Driving School for Trucks, Buses, Cars & Motorcycles
  • DMV & DOT
  • Department of Justice
  • Emergency Medical Services & Fire Services
  • Life Guards
  • City Hall Services in Los Santos
  • City Hall Services in Mexico
  • We are Open to New Government IDEAS & CONCEPTS

Business Support:
You can be the proud Entrepreneur of one of the following:

  • Banks
  • Car, Boat & Air Dealerships
  • Corner stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Wholesale Stores
  • Electronic & Hardware Stores
  • Mechanic or Paint Shop
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Motel, Hotel, BNB & Storage Units
  • Trucking Companies
  • Delivery Services
  • TV, Radio & Music Production
  • Security Companies
  • Restaurants & Food Carts
  • Pharmacies & Weed Shops
  • Private Health Clinics
  • Gyms, Golf Club & Leisure Activities
  • Tour Companies & Street Hustlers
  • Interior Design & Real Estate
  • Billboard, Sign & Marketing
  • DJ, Bars, Night Clubs, Adult Entertainment & Liquor Stores
  • Events Planning & Catering
  • Wine, Liquor & Beer Makers
  • Clothing & Accessories Stores
  • Ammo Shops & Gun Ranges
  • We are Open to New Business IDEAS & CONCEPTS

Cartel & Gang Support:

  • Biker Gangs with Weapons Trade
  • Street & Block Gangs
  • Realistic Cartel with Drug Trade
  • Pimps & Hoes
  • Players in Service Gangs
  • Bribes & Hostages Supported
  • Special MLO, Clothing & Vehicles
  • Illegal Business Support

Jobs Support:

  • Job Agencies
  • In city Government Interviews & Applications
  • Job Fairs
  • Multiple Jobs Supported
  • Multiple Currency Wages
  • Legal or Illegal Jobs

Unique Career Examples:

  • Lot Jockey at Car Dealership
  • Water Jug Delivery Person
  • Office Vending & Coffee Machine Service
  • Warehouse Support
  • Refinery Worker
  • Delivery Driver
  • Short and Long Haul Trucker
  • Gold Digger
  • Shoe Salesperson
  • Car Accessories Installer
  • Professional Car Detailer
  • Pole Cleaner at Strip Club
  • Ice Cream Bike Attendant
  • Circus Magician, Street Busker or Street Entertainer
  • Musician or Performer
  • We are Open to New Career IDEAS & CONCEPTS



We are looking for Serious Staff, Admins, Developers for Pre Launch, Generous Pay Based on Performance & Server Support, Message us NOW @RPHIVE for an application.

WhiteList & Server Launch Date COMING SOON