Fuel script and car damage

So I’ve noticed the lack of a fuel script on here, and it’d be really nice and add to the realism if there was at least a server-sided script that had fuel and to be able to go to the gas station to refuel, things like that.

My next suggestion which would really add to the realism would be car maintenance and damage. What I mean by this is after a while, the car would have the typical wear and tear and would need an oil change, tires being worn down, etc… and as for the damage, things like fuel leaks, oil leaks, the oil leaks can cause the engine to seize up and not be able to start up anymore (in this case dark smoke in GTA).

Engine swapping would be pretty cool after the engine becomes too damaged, so you can save your car.

Some off topic suggestions:
Some kind of economy script should be added, where you can make money somehow (jobs) seems like a stretch, but it’ll seem somewhat useful for things.

Finally the last suggestion I have is a cellular device script, what I mean is like the one in MTA:SA, where you were able to call other players, stream music using a link, check the time, things like that, would be pretty interesting.

Those are my suggestions, Thanks guys :slight_smile: