From now on there are changes to the email providers regarding security. CFX has not yet fulfilled


We no longer receive an email from CFX.

There were changes regarding security, which is why CFX now needs the following DNS Record, so that all (Google, hosting provider Pro*(Cloudflare, Strato, Ionos,)) will receive emails.

The following DNS entry must be added: SPF (TXT)

This record marks CFX as a reliable provider/transmitter/recipient.

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the entire post other than that is gibberish too and is lacking in information

Regarding the information:

We had been expecting a confirmation email for a few days, which should be sent automatically by the Keymaster. So far, this has never been received by us.

After our team found that the problem should be due to CFX, since certain queries were blocked, we came up with the SPF Record.

Hence this post. What exactly do you want to know?

My question for you: Is the email domain also provided with an SPF Record? Because in the picture I only see the

Does the domain ( also have the SPF Record?

OK. It’s good that we talked about it and such.

Your picture brought our backioffice for an idea.

A few keys have not automatically updated what triggered this problem.

Still, it is good to draw your attention to it, I think :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway for your efforts!

Best regards