FRKN-DOORLOCK | Fivem door lock system with face scanner and password





Note:You can use the text-ui script that comes with the script with other scripts as you wish, or you can disable it if you want.


  • Face Recognition System:

Highly accurate face recognition algorithm prevents unauthorized access.
Fast and secure door opening with real-time face recognition.
By defining the people you want, you can ensure that only certain people can enter private areas.

  • Combination Lock System:

Unlock doors with a password as an alternative or additional layer of security.
You can control access to private areas by setting personal passwords.
Passwords can be changed regularly, so you can keep the security level high at all times.

  • Access Control by Profession:

You can allow people with certain professions to pass through certain doors on your server.
By defining special access permissions for professions such as police, doctors and firefighters, you allow professions to fulfill their duties more effectively.

  • Access by Citizen IDs:

You can allow people with specific citizen IDs to pass through the doors on your server.
With this feature, you can create special areas for specific players.

  • Item Based Access:

You can provide item-based access control by allowing people with certain items to pass through the doors.
Access control is possible with items such as key cards and special permission documents.

We are open to any feedback! You can also contact us to get support for any problems you encounter during installation and use.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements esx or qb base
Support Yes

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