Fried World | Serious RP | 18+ | PUBLIC | NO WL

Boosting | Custom Weed | Custom Drugs | Custom Heist and Robberies | Legal and illegal Activities | Group Jobs | Custom Cars | Custom Maps | Custom Weapons | EMS | Law Enforcement | Housing | Events | and more

Fried World has launched! We are a FiveM roleplaying Public server with a growing population. Our custom weed and drugs system is next level. Come join us, our active experienced staff and development team is committed to building the city and creating a safe and fun environment for you and your friends.

A glimpse of what we offer:

  • Active and respectful Staff (8) / Dev Team (4)

  • Custom vehicles, mechanics and car scene

  • Custom weed and drug script

  • Illegal Activities (Weed, Drugs, Robberies, Heists, Guns)

  • Legal Activities (Fun-based hobbies, Whitelisted and Non Whitelisted Jobs)

  • Group and solo jobs (+ 15 and counting)

  • Player Owned Businesses (Some owned, available and customs)

  • Player Owned Housing

  • Custom EMS and Law Enforcement

  • Balanced economy

  • Benefiting donator system

  • Suggestions system

  • Custom and optimized environment (Server and scripts)

And WAY more!

As a note to new members, We are a serious RP server so please make sure you read over are rules and consider the implications before joining! But most of all we want to see everyone here having fun.
The next best server is waiting for you, we look forward to seeing you in our city!

Join our discord where we have all the information you may need.
Discord: Fried World
Server: Server List

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Awesome server! Please join so I can have more players to RP with. Experienced staff and on-going development.