FreshStart Roleplay | Economy Based Server | Serious RP | Import Cars | Drugs | Gangs | Housing

Hey Guys and Gals!! Come check us out at Fresh Start Roleplay. We are an 18+
based economy server with many things to offer! From being a business owner
to being a criminal we value our member’s thoughts and feedback. New to economy or new
to roleplay? That’s no problem we have an endearing staff team that will help you get to
where you need to be not to mention we are a newly founded city so you can grow right along with us!
settle down in our city and develop your storyline however you choose!

18+ Serious RP Server
A few things we offer

  • Many activities like bowling, arcade, bumper cars etc…
  • Into doing/dealing drugs we got you with Meth, Crack, Coke, Weed
  • Join or create a gang
  • Hidden Black markets
  • Criminal activities
  • Become a business owner
  • Import Cars
  • Real estate system with ability to customize your own house
  • Whitelisted job such as mechanic, LSPD, LSCSO, Fire-Rescue all of which are well paid.
  • Custom EUP
  • Functioning phone system with service directory
  • Players can have children
  • Court system. Whenever you commit crimes you will have to go to court

Just merely a few of the things we have to offer!
Discord: FreshStart RP

Hey guys we are excited with the progress in the city so far! Many great memories already so come help us make more!