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Looking for a forever home with serious RP, Custom scripts, and a Staff team that cares?
Look no further! MayhemRP is a growing RP server that has just gone through a 2.0 update!
We are a community of people dedicated to the idea of slow burn storyline driven Roleplay. We are strongly against the idea of 100k or Die servers, and go to great lengths to make this server fun and interesting for all walks of RP.

Our community has been growing steadily for the past 3 months, since we officially launched 1.0. We hope to continue to grow and thrive with the FiveM community’s wonderful users!

Click HERE for a link to our Discord
We hope to see you in there!

-Paintball (with IC guns)
-Truck Driving
-Logging and Lumber Mill
-Custom Weapons
-Custom MLOs
-Custom Fishing
-Custom Heists
-Weekly Server Events
-Custom Cars
-Player Owned Businesses
-Strong and stable economy
-Extremely Unique Map
-Updated Daily
-Custom Hand Written Scripts
-More every single day


BEST and I mean BEST city I have been in to date!! The international headache bubble is not an issue for me 99% of the time and I am OCE. I have been involved in nothing but PROPER RP. things played out to the fullest in everyway from being a cop to a crim. The level of real world detail for interaction has honestly been second to none for me personally. Not everyone runs around stacked on cash, weapons and drugs, it is very balanced overall and Im not leaving. I encourage everyone to check it out.


Thank you for your kind words my friend! I am glad to hear that you’re enjoying the city so thoroughly. Cheers!


MayhemRP is one of the best cities I’ve been apart of. Everything from the great and immersive RP to the overall feel of the city is just wow. Everything here from LEOs to EMS to Crims and beyond is very well balanced and that is hard to find. The staff are great and very helpful if you ever run into a problem in the city. I can proudly say Mayhem is my forever home and if you are out there looking for a city that not only has the RP but a real world feel then MayhemRP is definitely for you. I highly suggest coming over to check out the city.


I love Mayhem RP, honestly. The amazing staff and community have worked very hard to make this place feel like a second home for some. The economy is balanced and the RP is amazing here. By far one of, if not the best server I’ve been in to date. I hope that the ones who join this city feel the same way! It doesn’t share the same properties as other cities where you can just go in and know everything, it requires a knowledge and actual dedication to get the things you want from drugs to guns to even a business. I strongly recommend this server to anyone who wants a true and solid RP experience.


I appreciate the compliments! Thank you for being part of our wonderful community.


Much love brother! We’re very happy to have you in the ranks of people that drive the amazing RP in the city!


I love MayhemRP. The city is beautiful and the economy is balanced. I play 2 highly active characters in this city. One is an EMS worker who also helps with D8 and the other is a high up member of an MC that owns a tea shop. There is so much to do as a criminal or as a regular civilian. People care about their RP in the city and its exciting every day. I love the server events! They are so different and a wonderful way to add to the excitement of a RP server. Its wonderful to see more and more businesses open. Everything is progressing quickly, the developers are so fast and work to get new things in daily! If you are looking for a new home - come try this city out! Its one of a kind! <3


Thank you for your dedication to solid RP! Both of your characters bring so much happiness to the city and we are extremely happy to have you in the city!


a great city with decent admins loads to do in the city been in there for a while and love every min of it


Cheers mate! Much love fam!


Love the server 10/10 never been into Private servers before but this is really fun :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind words :smiley:


So i have ran servers, rolepled in servers, owned servers and honestly this server is one of the best if not the best I have been lucky to be a member.
The staff is responsive and fair. They stick to their rules and enforce as 1 solid team. This kind of leadership creates a environment of good solid rp for both crim and leo.
The server is open to events, rp ideas and will support those ideas. This truly is an RP server and not a dumb shoot first figure out how to make it an rp later server. FINALLY a server that enforces that aspect and is true to the mission statement.
Female gamer FRIENDLY AND RESPECTED!!! A zero tolerance for sexual harrassment and anything dealing with that. Good on you MayhemRp.
Seriously this city is young but strong. Has a solid foundation based off human decency and storyline!!
The scripts and addons are fun and not the same old city by city same ones.
So much room for growth and RP.

My experience: 6yrs rp, servers from v menu to economy, Admin,Owner,Staff,Player.
some servers played in: Redlinerp,americanforcegaming,projectmayhemrp,arlenrp


Thank you so much for a lovely review! We are incredibly fortunate to have you with us, and look forward to many more RP storylines with you! Much love brother!



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  • PS-Fuel added
    -Switched hosting from Zap-hosting to 1of1
    -UI updated
    -CSS Changes implimented
    -GitHub Repo’s updated
    -Resource packing updates
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Bump for 2.0 Update

There was a massive change to the city!
New Maps MLOs Businesses and More.

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MayhemRP is a great server, especially if its your first time getting into RP which it was for me 3 months ago… very loving community, custom cars and on top of that many things to explore, 10/10!

  • Rich

Really great city. My first ever city to be in and The people here are amazing. would love to see so much more people in the city as it keeps growing everyday!