Fresh start


So i’m completely new into this scripting/coding kind of world,
but so interested in learning and willing to spend a lot of time into it.

But i’m having some problems and a couple of questions to get started, so i hope someone can point me in the right direction.
The thing is, i’d like to create a framework/server all from scratch. Maybe use some of the released codes/use some parts of it and see how they did it and put my own twist to it.

But… where do i start?

I’ve bought myself a host, just for testing and such.
But do i really need all those folders and such in the FXserver? Or what are the basic folders that you “Need” to have to keep to get the server running?

And a question for you guys that already coded your own gamemodes, did you start in any particular order?
Like 1: login screen 2: sawnmanager 3: admin menu 4: jobs and so on?

I’ve tried to look at vRP/vRP edits and such and trying to figure out a structure but it all seems like a mess tbh. I like it clean and organised it has to be a way to make it possible right?

And i’d also like to point out that IF someone has already started a RP project etc (since that’s the thing i’d like to put my time into) and feeling that they dont want to continue i’d gladly appreciate if you could share it with me. (not trying to be greedy tho)

I’m more than thankful for all advises.

Kind regards

All the files u get with a FX server u need to keep to get the server running because there u get chat etc.

Is there anyone that can help me out?

Kind regards.

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You can test your server by hosting the server on your own computer with some free software. You just wasted money.

Would suggest to just mess around in the server codes, get an idea of what goes where and so on. Just play around like a kid in a sandbox. Try to make small codes, experiment. If you jump right into making your server without experience, you will have to re-edit your code lots of times or just completely rewriting it because it’s not even worth to edit your current one. If questions arise, search, don’t create a topic right away. Only when you didn’t find anything helpful create a topic in the forum. Asking a question that has already been answered not only does waste forum’s free space but other people’s time also.

Learn basic Lua unless you already know c#. It’s much simpler to setup. As for how to start on a gamemode I do it like this

  • get all your ideas of what you want
  • what’s required for those ideas
  • what you can reuse in other places
  • do you want a main script to control others.

If you are going to rely on other scripts use/make those first.