Freeroam/TDM with teams/classes Server - Need Coders to Help Make a Reality

Greetings! My name is Harry and I run a small gaming community called Outbreak Gaming. I have wanted to set up a FiveM server for sometime now and have been watching FiveM development for a while. It seems a lot more stable now days and I have grown more and more fascinated by the possibilities as time has gone on. I would like to try to make the server in my head a reality but I’m not the strongest programmer and wondered if there was anyone here that would be willing to help me put this server together.

My idea is fairly simple but should be a lot of fun to play. I would like to make a Team Deathmatch kind of game mode with the different teams having their own commands in a class system kind of design. I would like to make it so there is a points/territory system for the teams to fight over. A match would last for an hour or so with a team being crowned victorious at the end before another round starts. I was thinking that the teams could be the different gangs such as vargos, ballas, grove maybe throw the bikers and police in there too and everyone could compete for territory or points to add score for their team. Long rounds would let the server double as a freeroam server and each team could have their own vehicles and perhaps unique commands to let them all do things a bit different.

If you would like to help me with this project let me know with a message below. I can offer a dedicated server that we can work on and host the server from (the basic setup for a FiveM server is already done) and once we have a server up and running I have our own website and forum we could advertise and run player support on. The ground work is all down, I just need talented coders to help me make this server a reality. I have managed a large SAMP RP server in the past (for 8+ years in fact) and I have grown to miss developing a main server with a team of awesome people to work with. I used to do the modeling and environment designs for the previous SAMP server but have since learnt a little coding for my own modding projects so I’m hoping I will be able to chip in as much as I can to make this server come to life. I have a lot of good ideas and I understand the technical limitations of what can be made possible and what would be a pain in the butt to implement. I’m mostly just looking for a couple of experienced coders to work with in order to make a fun and simple project/server however if you are interested in staffing this kind of server let me know and I’ll contact you when we have something to show.

Payment is something I’m open to considering in order to get this project off the ground but ideally I’m looking for someone that would like to run and evolve this server with me, it’s a long term project and the server will be permanently hosted for years to come so ideally I would like a permanent developer that is looking for a passion project to sink their teeth into.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, feel free to let me know if you are interested with a post below. :slight_smile: