Freelance - MLO/Vehicle Developer for Hire!

I’m Ash the creator behind the below MLO and vehicles

Hope you enjoyed checking them out!

I specialize in MLO and 3D modeling and I’m enthusiastic about putting these skills to good use. Whether it’s enhancing ongoing projects or diving into something completely new, I’m up for the challenge.

Have been in the Five-m modding community for the past 3 years. Have worked on as a full time developer and did numerous gigs in the past. Now looking for works (Preferably Small gigs)

Things I can do -

  • Edit/Fix Up MLO

  • Create MLO like Legion Square,Cafe Etc From Scratch If you have the references for it.

  • Server Branding (Get your server logo on Immersive Location that catches your player Eyes)

  • Add Mod Kits to vehicle

  • Create Concept Vehicle From Scratch itself

  • Well everything That is related to 3D

Softwares, I am Good with/I use -

  • Blender (Sollumz)

  • 3ds max

  • Zmodeler

  • Photoshop

Ways to contact me/get in touch

  • Discord - ash.0880

  • Join the discord and open a ticket with abit of detail in what you need/want


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this dude is legit, i gave him a project that i have been thinking of for a hot minute. he told me give him 4 days, 2/12 days later im staring at my dream in the server… quality work, professional dev, kept me in the loop each step of the way with pictures and feedback … --Thanks ASH !

Took care of my Vinewood sign for me pretty fast… Came out pretty good actually… Even though we probably needed a new logo at this point… Professional and fast… cant get any better than that…

It is amazing, the time, the quality and the work done, I recommend them, they are the best. :star_struck:

I’m a returning customer and cannot recommend Ash’s work enough. He is super helpful and speedy turnaround! Super professional and always an amazing job done!

Great customer service. Affordable prices, fast processing time. will definitely keep doing back for more business

really good , reallly clean with it