[FREE] | zdiscord | multipurpose discord bot | Supports QBCore

Well guess it’s finally time I should actually post this in a place where people can find it…

Introducing zdiscord, a powerful, fully self-contained script that utilities the power of a discord bot to give you full control over your server. From moderation to whitelisting, answering support tickets without even needing to get on the computer, logging events to talking to staff members in city… This resource can do it all and more… A lot of work and love went into making this resource as friendly to use easy to config and flexible to extend to do whatever you need with modular commands, events and addons.

NOTE: Build on node16’s features (used by discord.js) this resource REQUIRES FiveM Artifacts 4890 or higher (older releases support older artifacts but don’t have the same features or support)


  • Step by step setup guide
  • QBCore support out the box (Not required)
  • Toggleable bi-directional staff chat
  • 49 Built in slash commands (22 standalone, 27 QBCore)
  • 14 translated locales (en, de, pl, vn, ar, tr, nl, sl, es, bg, cs, fr, it, no)
  • Lots of settings (Most support convars)
  • Exports to get roles, check for roles, get discord name and send webhook log
  • Automated Ace Permissions by role
  • Lots of Documentation
  • Well tested FAQ
  • Completely open source code with no obfuscation


Pick it up on Tebex with name your own price which supports me
Download it directly from Github or directly through Release v7.2.0

Both versions receive the same levels of features and support

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Best Discord bot for QBCore out there. Thanks for sharing!

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You’re the best Man

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Looks awesome. Good release!

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Update: Spanish and Bulgarian locales added + hotfix for the /message command

New version download: Release zdiscord v7.0.2 · zfbx/zdiscord · GitHub (tebex was also updated)

Also thank you for all the kind words everyone :heart:

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very pog resource man

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This is the only resource you should be using for this kinda thing!

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Thanks, works perfectly and very easy to set up

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Update: added config for additional staffchat roles + small fixes

You guys are amazing :heart:

I get an error that discord.js is not found, anyone can give me a quick fix?

mate, this is probably the BEST discord & FiveM bot i’ve ever experienced, alse the owner is such a nice person if you got any problems, quick reactions. I love this! <3

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Dear zfbx,

Can you guide me how to run bot on older QBCore ?

I use:

try {
    client.QBCore = false;
    TriggerEvent("QBCore:GetObject", (obj) => { client.QBCore = obj; });
    if (client.QBCore) utils.log.info("QBCore found! Supported QB commands will be loaded.");    
} catch { z.QBCore = false; }

but qb commands doesn’t show up ;(

Sorry for the late reply I was out of town. If you’re still having problems with this try using just

client.QBCore = false;
TriggerEvent("QBCore:GetObject", (obj) => { client.QBCore = obj; });
if (client.QBCore) utils.log.info("QBCore found! Supported QB commands will be loaded.");

without the try { } catch {} stuff and let me know which which artifacts you’re on and from when and where yourr QBCore is from, they’ve had a few changes over the past couple months so it’s hard to support them all

Thank you for responding, I updated my core to oxy and everything works like a charm

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how can i make command like [ setmoney] or [ setcoin ] for esx version i am trying to make it work but it dosn`t work for me!!

i am using [ args.id ] [ args.amount ] to set money amount to sent to player !
i know it`s wrong in the selected section but can you explane to me how to make it work with esx version

So I actually have almost no experience with esx to be that useful but where it’s doing player.Functions.SetMoney what is player grabbing? are you importing ESX in the fxmanifest? something like shared_script '@es_extended/imports.lua' I believe.

Then above that line in the script you’ll probably want something like const player = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(args.id)

Update v7.1.0 - compatibility updates, languages and commands

Download: Release zdiscord v7.1.0 · zfbx/zdiscord · GitHub

  • Now includes Italian, Czech and Norwegian
  • bug fixes - dependency cleanup
  • added vehicle commands
  • updated oxmysql hooks
  • optional addon for live player count voice channel added

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I hope you enjoy the new additions. Thanks to everyone who submitted PRs :heart:

Update v7.2.0 - Hotfixes for 7.1.0

Download Release zdiscord v7.2.0 · zfbx/zdiscord · GitHub