[FREE] YODA COMBINE ITEMS with ox_inventory

A simple script to combine two items and result in another item.
Only work’s with ox_inventory

Credits for Lab_Scripts, I’ve make it work with config.lua and used it to learn the basics of FiveM Coding


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 701
Requirements ox_lib, ox_target, ox_inventory
Support Yes

no credits to the person that wrote this code? [FREE] "Combine Items" for ox_inventory



Sorry bro, I’ve forgotten. I really apologize, I’ve used it to learn the basics of fivem configuration. For this reason it was FREE

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Hi dude! Good job, but I have a question: Where did you get the chat? Is very cool ^^

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It was a friend who sent me a chat similar to no pixel and I edited it.

Oh, ok. I was looking for a better visual chat and I saw your chat and it was a good one… I’m going to keep looking for a proper chat other than the usual standard chat…