[FREE] [WEB] Application Dashboard

FiveX Application System

FiveX Application System is a web based application system where you can allow users of your server to apply, easy and quick. You can view all the applications from the Review Central and accept and deny and notify the user in discord.

  1. Seamless Integration: Integrate FiveX Application System seamlessly with your Discord server, no commands needed.
  2. Clean & Easy Config: All the config fields have a description that’s really easy to follow.
  3. Role Granting: Assign department roles to application when accepted.
  4. Secure: Only allow users with a role view and handle the applications.

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FiveX Application - Github

Note: You need a NodeJS host and basic coding knowledge so setup, TypeScript is required. I will not be helping anybody setup the website.


really nice work bro

can someon pls help me to setup