[Free]VSG Exclusion Zone


I guess its Time for another Release…
Today guys, im bringing you an Exclusion Zone Script. If you have one of the in the config listed Jobs, you can set Exclusion Zones. You can type the command like :“exclusionzone” and then as first argument you add the radius, examply:“exclusionzone 200” and an exclusion Zone with the radius of 200 will be set!
It has a Config where you can set the jobs, maximum Radius, notify, and zonetype as well as the commands used to set and delete the Zones.
Have fun with it and have a nice day.
Github link:
JanKeo/VSG-Exclusion-Zone: Its an easy to use working Exclusion Zone Script for FiveM (github.com)


Auch qb-core?

Can you add this to the f6 menu for the cops ??