VORP Metabolism Lua version

Edited by Heros

Heros Correction of the script

Fix VORP_METABOLISM using RedemRP:Reboot

  • Consumed items are well placed in the hand

  • The correct item model is displayed in hand when you use it and you no longer have the problem of the apple putting itself in the place of others

  • You have the use of items like the fan, any type of tobacco, alcohol (Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Shampan glasses, Moonshine, Rum and others)

  • You can adjust the effects of alcohol according to the type of alcohol consumed

  • Totally OPEN source, you can modify according to your desires

  • Set the model of each item that is consumed, you can find them here: https://rdr2.mooshe.tv/

  • Changed UI for hunger and thirst needs using JavaScript to have it like health & Stamina, than around the map, especially if you use the minimap without GPS.

  • Choose how to consume for each item: “eat” or “drink”

  • You can set how to consume for animations, for example for stew or for bottle

Get it there: Download on GitHub


Original script:

| Code is accessible Yes
| Subscription-based No
| Support Yes


Dude, this is awesome! As someone who’s just getting into this and has just started trying to edit the vorp_metabolism script, you’re a lifesaver.

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the items are still in the wrong spot :frowning: a bit better placed, but the rotation is off.

I do not have this problem, check if you are not using a second script that is using the function too !