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Released 1.1.8 (2024-01-04)

Bug Fixes

  • Player state resets after cinematic mode enabled bug fixed. (79bebc8)



  • Remove Opacity Setting due to it being useless. (930004b)

Hi, is there any way to change the position of certain elements of the Hud? Like for example I wanna have both the health indicator bar with the mic and armor indicator on top of the minimap and have next to it the vehicle speed. Like could you maybe tell me which part of the source code I have to edit to make that work?

You would have to simply edit the NUI Source code and compile it.

For the health/status component, it’s in vHud > web > src > components > Status.tsx
And for the vehicle, it’s in the same category but simply CarHud.tsx

Notice: It’s built using Tailwind CSS.

I will be adding updating this as long as possible and i will look into adding more customization.

Released, 1.1.9 and it adds that feature, but i tried to add the position on the top of the minimap but it just doesn’t look good on all of the configurations which is why i removed it, there is currently only 2 hud positions available (Bottom Center/Right Of Minimap), and it should be responsive to different resolutions.

1.1.9 (2024-01-09)

Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fixes with the new positioning. (08a54a9)
  • Mic value not displaying correctly (547c90d)


  • New Setting: HUD Position, you can now place the car hud and the status bar next to the MiniMap, and it’s responsive to different resolutions. (34d4025)

Front End

  • Biggest re-design since the release of the script, allot of changes were made to the front-end.


  • Removed Hud Position 3 (On Top Of Minimap) due to it’s incompatibility with all of the features/framework options (8ea9f00)
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Thanks for the release and your quick work. I‘ll check it out during the week to see if it‘s what I‘m looking for.

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Thank you, please go ahead and send some feedback.

Then you do seatbelt = false, the seatbelt is still working

I’ll look into it.

Is there a way to remove certain things like speedometer?

Yes, you can just download the non-compiled version, then just remove that component then re-compile it again.

But as a configuration, then no.

Hello, very nice script. Is there any way to disable/delete health and armor indicator?