[Free] [Standalone] Vehicle Control Menu | Heavily Inspired

do you have a discord?

Yes, feel free to contact me on discord, my @ is: vipex.v

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I use this script and use the command vehmenu
The control menu does not appear, only the mouse appears.

You most likely just didn’t download a release version, meaning the non compiled version.

Either download it here: Release v1.0.6 · vipexv/v-vehControl · GitHub

Or compile it yourself.

Would also be nice if you could make it so the engine doesn’t start automatically when you enter the vehicle and you should start it by using the control menu. Cuz now the engine button is kinda useless.

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I completely agree!

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Quick announcement regarding this script and the future of it.

Yes i will be updating this but as of currently i feel like it’s in a stable enough position, so i will be focusing on other projects, i will be updating this whenever i’m available or i deem a feature necessary.

hi any news for aircrafts ?

No, it’s a consideration for a future update, but as of currently i haven’t been focusing on this project, i’ve been dealing with a couple of other things.

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update with the engine would be great

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To be honest, i haven’t got around to working on the new update for this script due to personal IRL issues, when i work on it i’ll see if i can include it.

I appreciate you mentioning this again, and i’ve seen it, i just haven’t got around to work on it, much love mane!

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I have just been notified of people impersonating me, my official discord username is: vipex.v, I’ve seen multiple people getting scammed by this and thinking it’s me.

Keep in mind that username and display name are 2 different things, username is special to each user and only 1 person can have it, the username is below the display name on discord.

Just found this, and it’s pretty awesome. Thanks for this, as well as making it free!

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Also if you ever want to come back to the script and add an update, this would be really cool [Release] Simple Under glow/Neon Toggle

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As of 1.0.7 When you open the menu with J you have to close it with Y I’m not sure if it is me doing something wrong or if it is a setting that i need to change or an issue with the code itself.

how to export?? in radialmenu??

I am currently going through some issues IRL and I don’t have my setup, when I’m back I’ll look into updating this script, I currently don’t have a house so I can’t give an ETA nor can I say I will be back anytime soon.

My last post covers a response to this as well.