[FREE][STANDALONE] TRevive & Death


Trevive & Death
This is a client side script that allows you to kill youself along with revive youself. It also comes with a sound and camera effect like story mode when you die. This can be turned off within the config files.

The revive command can also be customized within the client.lua file along with the death command

Base Commands
/trevive - To Revive
/die - To Die


Will later down the road add server sided actions. Like being able to revive other players but Im new to scripting so im learning!

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 70
Requirements Standalone
Support Yes

any issues please put them below!

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Sounds interesting! I will test it soon!

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qbcore not working, im trying to /revive but nothing happen my char still death.

the base command is /trevive

Any idea how to get this script to work with ox_inventory