[Free / Standalone] TheSpidersAndTheBees

About The Script:
TheSpidersAndTheBees is a basic script that I put together for my community “Boise State Roleplay”. This script took me 10 minutes to write, therefore, I have no intent to sell it - nor will I allow others to.

Script Description:
This script aims to add a bit more realism to your FiveM server by providing a spider bite and bee sting system. With this script, there is a 25% chance that a player will become either - bit or stung - by a bee/spider. Each bite has a 25% chance of causing damage to the player, which may take 5-10% of the player’s health each bite/sting. Bee stings typically induce less damage than spiders. The bite chance, bite damage, and chat commands can all be changed in the “config.lua” file - which is found within the script root folder.


  • Standalone/No Framework

This has NOT been tested on ESX or QB-Core. If you test this and it works, please send me a clip of it working so I can update the compatibility portion. Thank you!

Chat Commands:

  • “/biteme” - manually causes a spider to bite you, typically used for debugging/testing.
  • “/stingme” - manually causes a bee to sing you, again, typically used for debugging/testing purposes.
  • “/treatspider” - treats a spider bite, this only replenishes the health lost by the spider bite.
  • “/treatbee” - does the same thing as /treatspider, but will only replenish the health lost due to a bee sting.

Screenshot 2024-03-31 212912


  • Download “TheSpidersAndTheBees”
  • Go to root/resources/*
  • Drag the “TheSpidersAndTheBees” folder from the .zip file into the resources or a subfolder of the resources folder.
  • Add “start TheSpidersAndTheBees” somewhere within your server.cfg
  • Restart the server or do “refresh” then “start TheSpidersAndTheBees” using the in-game console

TheSpidersAndTheBees.zip (2.8 KB)

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 110
Requirements Standalone/No Framework
Support Yes

What’s the intention of this resource? Just random damage? Or is your health set below a threshold until you’re treated for that specific bite type.

At the moment, it’s just random damage with a notification that pops up saying that the player has been bit by a spider or stung by a bee. Over time, I plan on adding effects for different spiders, such as the Black Widows and Brown Recluse.
I also plan to eventually add a command for players “/allergic <on/off>” which will allow the player to decide if they’re allergic to bees or not. If so, once stung - their vision will go blurry and the breathing bar will pop up to simulate anaphylaxis - to an extent.

This is just the first version, I plan on updating it as time goes on. I just wanted a little feature to give EMS in my community some more basic calls. They hated having constant Motor Vehicle Accidents and death scenes - can’t say I blame them lol.