No Idle Cam :movie_camera:

No Idle Cam allows players to disable the idle camera animation on foot and in vehicle, making RP scenarios, streaming on Twitch, or just general gameplay just a little more enjoyable.

I’m aware that there are other scripts available that do the same thing, however previously, my script was running in a loop.

One of the major things I wanted to tackle, was rather than disabling the camera all together server side, why not allow the player themselves, to control whether they want it on or not? Which has led me to KVS.

Using KVS, as long as the script remains as ‘NoIdleCam’, players can use the following commands in chat, in any server that runs this resource, to turn on or off the camera idling animations and save their preferences:

Command: Action:
/Idlecamon deactivates the native
/idlecamoff enables the native

The neat thing about KVS is that, even if the player leaves the server and comes back tomorrow, a week, month or year from now, as long as they haven’t deleted their FiveM files, their preferences will remain.


  1. Add to your resources folder or [Scripts] folder

  2. Add start NoIdleCam to your server.cfg.

The resource must be named NoIdleCam for the kvs to work.

Toggle ON/OFF

In chat type /idlecamon to toggle it on, and /idlecamoff to turn it back off.

Enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::tv:


Video Showcase & Installation

Thanks to BGHDDevelopment on YouTube

Download :floppy_disk::

Check out my other releases:


Good idea and good detail to leave it free, thank you very much


Good idea! And also by using KVP string’s, never used some of these natives for KVP :smiley:

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I’ve never worked with frameworks so ESX, VRP, QBCore etc, I have no knowledge of, but I wanted somewhere safe and standalone to store player preferences.

@kibukj is the genius who helped me with this :blush:

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How could I keep this enabled always?

I don’t understand your question. if you want idle cam, don’t install this or simply use the command in chat…?

Edit: This has been fixed. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I mean is there anyway to make it to where the command doesn’t have to be used? It’s executed upon resource start. I know theirs a piece of code that works for others not sure this.

Just create a thread and use a loop

The whole purpose of this was to not use loops, as I stated.

You add the resource and use the command to turn it off. KVS then stores your preference ‘off’.

If you want it back on again, you use the command.

If you don’t want itoff whatsoever, then don’t use any command.

The benefit of this resource and it’s main creation purpose, is that it gives the player base a choice of whether or not they want it on or not, rather than forcing it on or off and the player base having no say or choice in the matter.

local idleCamDisabled = GetResourceKvpString("idleCam") ~= "on"

Change this to:

local idleCamDisabled = GetResourceKvpString("idleCam") == "off"

That will cause the default preference to be “on” instead of “off”.


Thank you my friend!
@TayMcKenzieNZ this is what I was talking about

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My apologies, I didn’t quite understand your question at first @Xuiey. I did not mean to come off as hostile.

After further discussions with kibukj, I think your suggestion may be just what this resource needs.

As I mentioned previously,

However, that wasn’t entirely true, as kibukj pointed out the default values.

Apologies, and thanks again for your suggestion.

This has now been adjusted and a commit has been pushed to my repository :smiley:

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Just what I needed, thanks!

No problem at all! Just glad it got sorted out and became apart of the repository! Great script brother!

FiveM offers the native to disable the idle cam, however originally I was running a loop to check when it activates and disabling it, however that means it’s constantly looping.

I couldn’t see myself selling something like this, then again selling any of my work that I’ve previously done.

Charging for something cfxre offers freely would just be silly lol. Glad you enjoy it :blush::slightly_smiling_face:

I actually got the idea from @Smallo and his radio resource that allows players to show or hide certain radios across any server running the resource. I personally don’t use frameworks and for something simple like this, I really don’t see any reason why a framework would be required, it would just be more work trying to muck about with QBCore, or whatever other framework whereas KVS works fine and keeps it somewhat standalone :stuck_out_tongue: