[Free] [Standalone] LX Vehicle Spawner Menu

:red_car: LX Vehicle Spawner

A fully customizable FiveM vehicle spawner built in MenuV.




  • Download the resource by clicking on the download button
  • Install menuv, a required dependency.
  • In your server.cfg file, add the line:
    ensure lx-vehicle-spawner


How to change something?

All settings can be set and adjusted in the file config.lua.

I want additional functionality!

Please open an issue if you’ve got a suggestion, I’d love to hear some feedback.

My question wasn’t answered here.

If your question didn’t get answered and you need extra help, please open an issue and describe your problem. I’d be happy to help.


Download always latest production-ready Release:

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Hey Lark,

Just as a heads up I have forked your repo. I have made some modifications to the script adding more functionality in case you are interested in pushing it to your main commit.

The functionality is as follows:

  • Bool toggle for showing the spawn code in the description
  • Spawning with a preset livery
  • Spawning with extras enabled by default
  • Spawning with a preset fuel level

If you need me get in touch with me on Discord :slight_smile: _brandonn27364938

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