[FREE] [STANDALONE] JD_WalkingSpeed (Ped Speed Modification)


This is quite a “basic” release however sometimes the simplest ones are the most effective, After much time in other games having the ability to change speeds in a more friendly way is definitely a benifit so hence the beginning of this release, It’s also designed to help with some other walking styles which have a naturally slower walk speed by default this helps you to keep up with other players and so on, Hope you guys enjoy! This lacks notifications because standalone so feel free to add them yourself (Pretty straightforward) Or make a PR as a config option (Might do this myself later)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

  • Enable/Disable command (Save resmon)
  • Ability to change default speed value when enabled and min/max speeds (Prevent abuse)
  • Keymapping to reduce resmon (Basically 0.0000ms until active)


Code is accessible Yes/
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) > 100
Requirements The ability to ensure a resource…
Support If you ask nicely

Before someone points it out please ignore the notification spam :smile: I made an error with the keymapping so it duplicated an old command, Hope you guys like it :+1:

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What happens if you use a walking style that already has a higher walking speed. Will they run even faster?

In theory yes, This is why there is a min/max number so it’s not extremely abused.

Which Chat “Design” do you use?


Nice script

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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