[FREE] [STANDALONE] Forced First Person When Aiming/Shooting Remake

After reading the Comments and having @Slerbamonsteri along with @iSentrie and @TristenA giving me suggestions, along with tips and how to Optimize Scripts, after a couple of hours of learning and trying it in other scripts, it’s done and it’s fully optimized, Loops are usually sleep, it’s usually at 0.00 resmon unless the script is being used.

Massive thank you again to @Slerbamonsteri along with @iSentrie, theres one more @TristenA thank you so much again!

[Date: August 6th 2022.]
Reminder: Another Update is Out, fixing multiple bugs, resmon lowered when Config.Options.ForcedFirst is enabled.
Added an Extra check to lower resmon, if the player’s weapon is Unarmed when inside of the Vehicle the Loop will be Sleeping, once he pulls his weapon out it will basically Wake up.

Hey, this is a remake of my First Ever script “Forced First Person When Aiming/Shooting Inside A Vehicle”.
The Remake provides more features and better Optimization.

Note: Im Still Learning, Feedback and Suggestion’s Would be much appreciated!
Feel Free to Inform me of any type of bugs.


  • Config option for forcing first person specifically when Aiming/Shooting inside of a vehicle.
  • Config Option for Forced first person Aiming/Shooting.
  • Config Option for Forced First person if the player is driving a vehicle. (Only the Driver, not the other players.)
  • When it’s not being used the resmon is 0.00.

Please Give me some Suggestions for This Script!

Later On im going to be Updating it with a new feature which will Include a Command that you can toggle Forced First Person.

Download Link: Github

Using the Old Preview Until I add some new Features.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 60
Preview Preview
Support Yes

Not here to bash you, but there are multiple scripts like this, offering those features you have mentioned as upcoming, and probably some more. Also there is some more optimization in your code that can, and should be done

Edit: for example, both the loops are running always, no sleeps.

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Yeah, i’m pretty new to Scripting, i just made this due to someone Replying to my old Script and Requesting them, i don’t really look at scripts on the forum so i really didn’t know.
What would you suggest to be different in the code, if you wouldn’t mind me asking.

Put some sleep on the loops for example, no need to have them running all the time for the client

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I left a pull for you to check my suggestion of doing all this.

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Thank you both of you guys, much love, after a couple of changes made the script is now fully optimized, just adding the new features with Optimization and ill update it.


Nice, thanks yo!