[FREE] [STANDALONE] FiveM experience system

Hello everyone!
Today I’m sharing simple script that has very cool idea in my opinion, and the best part is: the limit is your imagination with this one.

Since if you’re reading this, you are probably own your server, so let’s talk a bit about programmer’s start since some of you are still a newbies. About 4 years ago I started programming Lua, I didn’t study Lua at university, school or anywhere else, all I did is read other people’s code, so here we are, now I can provide projects that others can learn from (even tho I made it in about an hour, you can learn stuff like export creation, listening logic, syncing server to client data, making version checker for scripts).

So let’s talk about the script a little bit:

Domas_RPXP System is a robust and customizable experience (XP) system for FiveM, designed to provide a seamless and feature-rich progression system for your role-playing server. This script manages player XP, allowing server administrators to reward, query, and adjust XP for players dynamically.
Read about it more: https://justhedomas.developerhub.io/domas-scripts/domas-rpxp


Thank you for reading, and good luck with everyone’s projects!

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~450
Requirements None
Support Yes