Hi :wave:, we are Compass Soft

Compass Blip Menu

Compass Soft Blip Menu For FiveM



    • Easy to configure
    • Standalone
    • Clean UI
    • Simple blip menu


  • +Add the cs-blipMenu folder to your FiveM resources directory and server.cfg add “ensure cs-blipMenu”



  • Added option to blips on or not for lazy developers.

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nice release!!!

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What does this script do?

Allows players to turn map blips on or off on your server.

how do i open the menu

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How hard would it be to make an option in the config for each set of blips to be on or off by default?

Check update.

ah, youre one of those dick head developers… got it. sorry for the suggestion

I’m not a d*khead, it’s just that the way you asked this was unnecessarily aggressive, and I replied as you deserved.

If you think that then you are taking my question in the complete wrong context. It was a serious question. If it was a hard thing to do I wouldn’t ask to do it but if it was something that could be added easily then could it be added.

How do i open the menu ?


I recommend you look inside the code next time


i want to make it like if any new user join the server the blip currenly not on map so i want for new user when join they can see blips but if they want then they can remove blips