[FREE] Simple Lockpicking

Simple Lockpicking

I’ve played a lot of vMenu bassed servers in my time on FiveM and I’ve noticed they do not always have a lockpicking script for them to use. So I made this very simple script for all of those servers to use for FREE. This script is very simple and easy to customize to your server’s liking. All you need to do is go up to a locked car and do /lockpick and play a mini-game and you did it! The Script only uses about 0.25 resmon while in use (about 1 seconds).

Script Preview Video

Github Download


There is only one Dependency you need and it is the qb-lock script. This script is what makes the mini-game. IF YOU ARE USING NOT USING QB-CORE THEN GO INTO THE QB-LOCK FOLDER, GO INTO THE CLIENT.LUA AND DELETE local QBCore = exports[‘qb-core’]:GetCoreObject()

How To Install:

  1. Install Both SimpleLockpick and qb-lock.
  2. Put Both Scripts In Your Resource Folder.
  3. Put ensure SimpleLockpick and ensure qb-lock in your server cfg.
  4. Load Into Your Server and Happy Lockpicking!

Some Pics:


Notice: If you do change, and/or re-distribute my script/work you must credit me.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Aprox. 50
Requirements qb-lock
Support Yes

You appear to have forgotten to include the download link.

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lmfao the most important part


any way to make this work for ESX?

i think so but I do not know anything about the esx framework.

Could you also add a hotwire mini game where you cut a wire then put it together then the car alarm stops and you can drive it?

that will be a separate script. Ill prob start working on it soon!

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wont work for me installed this and dependency and does nothing

What do you press when it gets in the blue part of the circle

did u install the dependency , dependency because you need to do that too. Did you follow the install guide? This isnt a drag and drop script.

the number that is in the middle of the cricle

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Feel so dumb lol, thx alot, also, should put a hint there, we all thought it was spacebar or enter or e lol


yes and yes

lol ur good i thought the same the first time i used qb-lock lol

Also, your link in bio is expired, I rly wanna keep track on you, you make some awesome scripts!

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you most likey missed something. It still works for me. Make sure you did this is you are not using qb-core

oh shoot thanks lol i fixed it should work now!

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any way to make this work for standalone

You only need qb-lock nothing else. This script is not meant to be used with qbcore or esx. This script was made for vMenu servers that wanted a lockpicking feature as I found when playing vMenu server this feature was lacking.

is there any way to use this method by default? It still shows my old lockpick script If I use lockpicks manually its annoying. I love this script, I want it to be the only one for cars