[FREE] [SCRIPT] Minimalist HUD (QBCore, ESX, Standalone)

It’s not a seatbelt script, just a HUD, and you need to link it to your belt system via the exports provided.

If you use QBCore you can add exports["jordqn_hud"]:setSeatBelt(seatbeltOn) in the file qb-smallresources/client/seatbelt.lua line 40 after these lines.


Just so you are aware, the resmon of your hud is STUPID high. Almost a full ms. Should be at .01ms.

Hope you can get it fixed, love the hud but felt nothing but lag when putting into our brand new server

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I’m very interested to see a hud script like mine with the three components (speedometer, location and status) and being at .01ms. (ps: this is impossible), however as I said two posts back, I know it’s not optimized, I’ll optimize it as soon as I have time, I’m a bit busy at the moment. However it won’t be (I think) lower than 0.4ms.

PS: When I say impossible, I mean of course keeping the current fluidity, if the hud updates every 10 seconds, of course it can reach 0.01ms.

my map is kinda on the bigside, can this be an issue of qb-smallresources or do you know how to fix this ?

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Normally this version is fixed, if not please let me know.
jordqn_hud.rar (229.9 KB)


yup fixed it i downloaded the one from github so that could be the issue hahaha, thx for your help!

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