[FREE] Sandy Shores City Hall [MLO]

This is the City Hall which is located in Sandy Shores beside the Ammunition shop

Hello, I’m back in the field I had surgery which took a long time, so I decided to come back with something that would help this community get more roleplay, it was originally made from “Jenex” but got extended by me you can consider it as a second version, I hope you guys like it, and I hope you guys have a great day so far.


This City Hall is located in Sandy Shores beside the Ammunition Shop.

This interior offers:

・ A reception.
・ An office
・ A room leads to downstairs.
・ A large weed room.
・ A secret office room.
・ A torture room.
・ Pictures are customizable.

Preview: Youtube

Tebex if you wanna support: Dipzzy | [MLO] City Hall

Free Download: File.FM

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Why is there a torture room and weed room under a City Hall building lmao


It was suggested by the members, however, you can look the door.
Thanks for your reply :innocent:

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It’s a cool map idea, I did notice that when you’re near the back door the world does go invisible which is unfortunate as I was going to use this map before I noticed it


Thanks for reporting this, I will check it out and re-upload it!

video is unavailable

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Files are deleted :smiling_face_with_tear:

Link is updated, thanks for reporting it.

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Says files are deleted.

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Files are Deleted!