[Free] RPEmotes

Hey just letting you know that RPEmotes (previously a fork of DpEmotes) has had some major updates.so just reaching out to let you know.

I hope you enjoy what we’ve accomplished with our most recent updates and features :blush:

RPEmotes Project Manager

No i didint ask you if u can do this for all, if u can tell me which exactly string to change, i try to do by own but it’s so complicated D: ( I talk about the add new table inside menu )

Adding a new table requires modifying more than one file. I don’t remember how it’s done because it was annoying, hence we have not added any more. See how animal emotes are done and go from there. I can’t and won’t help with modifications to the menu.

Good luck.

/newscam cam does not seem to work for us , and its set to true

Have you downloaded the latest version of RPEmotes?

I fixed it , seems a mistype in the “fxmanifest” for the path to newscam on client

Crap! My bad. Can you elaborate? I will fix it soon when I get home

Ah, I see it now. Whoops. All fixed lol

So we have a little issue , seems to ban people after using emotes , for spamming emotes , is there a weight function?

You possibly have an antii-cheeaat script in your server. you need to use our built in prop name extractor, and then add those prop names into your antii-cheeaatt to whitee–list them, stopping people from being bonked.

Please scroll up and read the forum description, or head to the github.

Since we updated our anti cheat seems to not be doing it at the moment now, as we turned mass spawn off,.

So i have a issue a lot of people are getting the issue when they play an emote and then press x to cancel the emote , after a few mins without them doing anything it plays the emote and they have not even gone to play an emote , its also doing it randomly when they are pressing F2 to go into there inventory or if they walk though a door.

I don’t under stand why its doing it i will post the config in
config.lua (5.9 KB)
case i missed something.

Do you have that custom idle animation from GTA mods where you put your hands on your head and swing your arms around? I experienced what you described a few weeks ago and fixed it recently when I found it and deleted it.

hey when i change this from U to O dont work

RagdollEnabled = true,
RagdollKeybind = ‘O’, – Get the button string here KEYBOARD - Cfx.re Docs
any idea why have you a discord?