[FREE] [Release] Streetname HUD

Hi, today I am releasing one of my newly made scripts, I know it is very simple but for people who like this kind of scripts you can download it ( :

This is a resource that shows you the streets at the top of the screen, and can also be hidden and moved.
PD: And just in case, it only comes out inside a vehicle.

Preview: Streamable
Download: Streetname HUD

Thanks and hope you enjoy it!


This ain’t even a compass it just says what street you’re on


Exactly, that’s what it says in the description. Now I change the title.

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Ok, ok this is ok.


Update, optimized to 0.01ms in vehicle.

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Damn dude this is so good

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Can u change the street names?

Would also like to see a Direction and postal

Very nice!

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