[FREE] [RELEASE] Koe Storage Units [ESX]

any plans to update this resourse to work with the new nh context menu ?

Yes! it will be updated

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Looks awesome!

thia one work perfectly brother keep it up

nice, could you create a safe script similar to this which lets you set a safe location that every player can use who has a key for it, however each safe is private. That would be awesome.

will try this with qs inv

it doesn’t work for me. i get an nh-context error

are you using the one included in the download or the latest version he released?

Change Log

It now uses the latest release of NH-Context and NH-Keyboard! If you download the release version on github you must use the latest versions of those scripts.

latest release works with the new nh-context and nh-keyboard

version 1.0.1 now uses ox_lib and no longer uses nh-keyboard or nh-context

can you help me to change it so i can use this script with gc-inventory please

im sorry im unfamiliar with that inventory, just check the script for anything related to ox_inventory and change it to what gc-inventory does.

Hello, I installed version 1.0.1 but it still uses nh-context instead of using ox_lib. Any chance to check?

Its using ox_lib it doesnt use nh-context anymore. (ox_lib) looks similar

Please make version without qtarget , use can use esx_defult menu for menu and also if possible if you can add config option for cheeza inventory also…

Coz with qtarget and context menu you are forcing to use these …
I like it and also its nice script

I downloaded the 1.0.1 version and started testing. While testing, I stopped nh-context and 1.0.1 version did not work. When I opened it and looked, there was nothing about ox_lib, it was still using nh-context. Do you have a chance to check and update it?

download latest release v1.1.0 for the ox_lib changes