[FREE] [RELEASE] FiveM Panel

I decided to create a framework for FiveM servers that want to have their own panel where they can perform most of the actions that are required only if you are connected to the server and are related to the database.

Unfortunately, the project is in progress, so anyone who wants to help me develop it as much as possible is welcome.

For now, I’m only working on the admin dashboard, in the future I will implement a main page where anyone can enter where all the online players, available houses, cars bought, the most active players, etc. will be displayed.

Download link: DOWNLOAD
Prezentation / Tutorial Video: VIDEO




None of the Photos work

Ohh, sorry my bad.

Hi! Who use vrp 2022? No offense simple question.

I’m not sure but i think brasilia, romania and few more countries from europe.

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Thank you for answer. I from Hungary but i didn’t see a server. ESX and QBUS are used here.

I will make it for every framework from fivem in the future.

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