[FREE] [RELEASE] 2018 Dodge Demon

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for stopping by. This is a Free release for the 4th of July weekend spent way to much time on this and should have gone to bed but here you are!

This is a NON-ELS vehicle, the extras can be togglable with lux, if configured properly.

VERSION UPDATE FINAL 1.0.2 Okay, okay said that I was done updating it but I lied wanted to fix something in the ytd. But now it is fixed please download the latest version so you can have a livery with it.

Includes: R/B B/B and template


Toggable Extras:
10 - Antennas
11 - Stage 3 Lighting


2018 Dodge Demon - Album on Imgur


LGC18DEMONFREE.zip (22.7 MB)

  1. You Are Not Allowed to Redistribute.
  2. Do Not Share Files.
  3. Do Not Claim as Your Own.
  4. Be Respectable.

There is no need to let Tebex farm user data, just post the file on the forums or upload it to a file host. Using Tebex for a free release is quite redundant as Tebex is a shop, not a file host. Plus, why should I have to enter my email, legal name, and go through an unnecessary process to download this?

I see the Tebex download redirects to google drive, just post that link or upload it directly to the forums.

Farm user data? Neither way free resources should be uploaded to the forums

yeah I understand l. for some, Tebex may not have their info, and as such they get it when it is unnecessary.


sirens don’t seem to be working. lights and everything else are. can someone help?
thank you!

Need to have lux installed