[FREE][QBCore] wert-camera(Basic camera and photo system)

A simple camera and photo system I developed for my own server a long time ago


QBCore wert-camera : GitHub - Wert22/wert-camera: Simple camera script for QBCore, take and view photos

Wert QBCore Subscription Package (All scripts 1 package) : https://wert-dev.tebex.io/package/5123047

My QBCore Products : https://wert-dev.tebex.io/category/qb

My ESX Products : https://wert-dev.tebex.io/category/esx

My Free Products : https://wert-dev.tebex.io/category/free

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +300
Requirements qb-core
Support Yes

turkish sipidirmen

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Add a direct download, or mark your resource as paid.

Well done :smile:

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Why ?

This script is free, please examine the issue more carefully.

Releases that are released for free must contain a direct download and may not be Escrow protected, you may include a Tebex link but it may not be the only download.
Releases Rules and FAQ

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :ok_hand: nice

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Ah, my bad. I didn’t see it. Sorry.

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ESX possible ?

It seems difficult now because it is based on qb inventory.

But soon I will look for an alternative

thanks for this!

cant close the photo after you open it, it gets stuck.

ox inventory

When using camera in a car, it moves the whole car with you

thanks so go