[FREE] [QBCore] shared garages - keep-sharedgarages

The purpose of this script is to make it easier to add and manage shared job garages.

This is an old script of mine and the server it was built for unfortunately no longer exists but I had full permission to the script, so I decided to release it for free.
I updated it a bit to make it compatible with the newer version of qbcore.


Key Features

  • Better save the condition of most windows, doors, and wheel damages
  • Shared vehicle garage
  • Allow or disallow vehicle customization
  • Custom plates for saved vehicles
  • Vehicle cetegories

What’s new in version 2.0.1:

  1. every garage now has its own whitelisted citizenid
  2. whitelisted players now have access to the category menu
  3. vehicles now are categorized manually by players
  4. GANGs: new garage-type gang (you can find an example of how to use it in the config file)
  5. added allow_all in whitelisted vehicles
  6. fixed radial menu error when the script is restarted while a player is inside a garage.
  7. added a check for already existing plates
  8. command saveInsideGarage now detects garage type and job/gang (it doesn’t need any args)
  9. better information representation (in my opinion)

Removed from 2.0.1

  1. removed duplication from the vehicle’s menu
  2. removed plate modification from the vehicle’s menu
  3. removed vehicles icon (They now use the same icon as the category)




Are you going to do a esx version?

Hello, how do I whitelist myself to add cars to the garage? I see the line in the config, but don’t exactly know which identifier goes there. Thanks

you should use citizenid on players table

How can I open this garage? and change the categories?

HotKey should be u you can check it on settings under Fivem.
To have access to the edit menu you should add your character’s id to the garage.

 garage_management = {
               -- access to garage management
               ['citizenid'] = true

Okay solved my problem, how can I change the police ranks?

check version 2.0.0 video I think it shows most of the options.

is there anyway you can make it so they can pull out infinite cars.

How can i whitelist a me @swkeep