[FREE][QBCORE] Qb-wipetools


A resource for managing wipes across economies.


  1. qb-core

  2. qb-phone

  3. OxMysql

How it works

Let’s say you want to wipe your RP server, but you want your players to be able to keep X amount of cars based on conditions - you would use this resource to manage that.

  1. Create a copy of your player_vehicles table and name it player_vehicles_old

  2. Install qb-wipetools and run the SQL

  3. Wipe your server (keep player_vehicles_old)

  4. Players login post wipe, and do /importcarlist. This creates an entry in the DB table wipe_tools_vehicles. It defaults to allowing them to migrate 1 car from the old economy. You can edit the DB for each person to increase it if you wanted to.

  5. They get an e-mail on their phones with a list of ALL the cars they had in the old economy

  6. They type /importcar <PLATE>

  7. That car shows up in motelgarage (can be changed in server.)

Integration with Tebex

You could easily integrate this with Tebex, and reward players programmatically by adjusting the wipe_tools_vehicles table contents in the DB.