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Mojito PDM Catalogue

Mojito PDM is a React / Typescript Catalogue for PDM, complete with test driving and purchasing. It is flexible and configurable enabling the user to have full control over the resource with just a config file so this can be used as a simple catalogue on it’s own or with the included option of purchasing and finance.


  • High Performance Material UI
  • Dark theme toggle
  • Filter vehicles by category
  • Pre-configured vehicles and prices which can be easily changed
  • Test Driving with configurable locations and timer
  • Buy vehicles from the catalogue (optional)
  • Finance vehicles (optional)


Repository: GitHub - Mojito-Fivem/mojito_pdm: React / Typescript catalogue for PDM
Releases (recommended): Release React UI refactoring · Mojito-Fivem/mojito_pdm · GitHub


Issues & Contributing

Any issues you may have, please create an issue on github (as long as it is not a duplicate) instead of clogging up this forum post. There are some missing vehicles from newer DLC that I have not added, so contributions for this will be greatly appreciated and credit will be given.


make it for ESX plsss


Sorry I don’t work with ESX so I won’t be working on any ports, the repository is licensed so anyone can fork it and make an ESX version if they wish.

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Damn first typescript release in the forum ig, this should encourage other devs to work on it :slight_smile:

the only issue is the low performance of js(compiled ts) code in fivem

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Thank you for contributing a quality resource for free!

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Very nice job!

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New 2.3.0 Update

  • Added colour picker when buying or financing a vehicle
  • Re-worked finance checking so outstanding balances can be viewed in a single neat menu
  • General code cleanup

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Menu doesnt open, Only does the emote and the course is on screen, No error in console

Build the ui

How do i do that? Download the Repository instead?

Is there any way to change the location of the target?

Good morning, is it possible to have multiple locations? Same catalog and everything, just viewable in different spots on the map.