[FREE] [QBCORE] Fuel Delivery Job

QB-Core Fuel Delivery Job

This is an in-depth fuel delivery job script that allows your players to deliver fuel around San Andreas.

The included script allows the current following config options:

  • Custom locations
  • Custom truck to spawn
  • Custom fuel trailer to spawn
  • Price to start the job
  • payment type
  • Fuel script either cdn-fuel, ps-fuel, or LegacyFuel
  • Payment output amount
  • Maximum amount of deliveries before having to refuel truck


Preview Link

Config Preview

Updates will come with better functionality, support, and anything that is highly recommended.

Code is accessible yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 900
Requirements QB-Target/QB-Core
Support Yes
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This link not working, you have new tebex link, send me pm :grinning:

Sorry for the late response.

This is actually open source now, which can be found on my GitHub:

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not working. If you have already fuel and driving to station, you can’t give fuel to station back no qb-target appear


Hello, I have the same problem, any solution, thank you