[FREE][QBCore] d3-arcade

So managed to get it to work… however Im stuck in the game… I can’t click exit or turn off the computer. Screenshot - d166b8ba8c82c8b1dafa87d736efd0f2 - Gyazo

Don’t rename the resource…

For future reference, please send a stack trace if you suspect there is a bug or are seeking help with a resource that is not working.

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I’m having the same issue, the resource has not been renamed in my files. Is there something else that would cause it to not let me exit out of the “computer”?

How do i play the Sonic. Pokemon, Kirby, Contra, & Metal Slug? All of them are just in a loading screen

Nice job.better than the rcore!
only a couple of issues for me.
Any game after wolfenstein doesnt work.
When Duke/DOOM starts it makes a HORIBLE loud noise.
Same with Wolfenstein but not as loud.
Any game after Wolfenstein does not work,just infinite loading.

the noise has to do with the DOS games I think; that’s just how they are sadly.

Game URLs are provided as examples, it is more than likely those links have been taken down for copyright issues.

Also, the emulator currently has an issue, and the arcade always uses the latest emulator version.

Check this issue

If when you read this the issue is closed, then this is not necessary:
for now just remove “EJS_startOnLoaded = true;” line from the html/ejs.html file

since this isn’t an issue with the arcade, no code changes will be made. The emulator developer seems to be relatively active, so the issue should hopefully be resolved within the next few weeks.

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thank you! This is amazing!

this is what worked for me. Thank you.