[FREE][QBCore] Car Delivery

QBCore Car delivery script

FiveM resource for servers with QbCore Framework.
Start a mission for a car delivery, steal the car, drive it to the destination, profit.
Pretty simple so far, further updates coming soon.

Development still in progress so keep that in consideration

I’m new to script development for QBCore as well as Fivem, so the scripts may be slow and insecure.
Code will also be a mess, but I hope at least some of it should work :slight_smile:

This is just a part-time thing for me that I do for fun, so I can’t promise to fix or improve things quickly, but if you like this script, check in once in a while on the Github page!


  • Payout based on vehicle condition (Engine, Body)

  • Cooldown between each taken job

  • Vehicles spawn either parked or driving around (Soon)

  • Very basic rank system, nothing changes yet

  • Planned some time: Rank system with better cars spawning the more xp you get.



  1. Download or clone this repository inside your resources folder

  2. Remove the “-main” part from folder name

  3. Add a line to your server.cfg file → ensure hiype-cardelivery

  4. Add a line inside [qb] → qb-core → server → player.lua

   PlayerData.metadata['cardeliveryxp'] = PlayerData.metadata['cardeliveryxp'] or 0

      An example image can be found at the bottom of this section.

  1. If your server is running, remember to either restart your server or do /refresh and also /start hiype-cardelivery

Enter this line


To start the job, go to the location seen on the map below.


Once there, go next to the NPC and press E key on your keyboard to start the job. An objective will automatically show up.

Job start location

Follow the objective, use any lockpick to open the car and hotwire if necessary.

Drive to the destination. Beware, if the car is destroyed, job will fail!

Once you arrive at the destination, stop the car inside the objective blip on mini map. Job will finish and you will get paid depending on distance driven and condition of the car.


Good release!

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Good job mate keep it up!

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Still kind of early, but lets hope a full release will be better.

When I click E on the ped, the car does not show up on any places, or any marker nothing shows up actually, any advise?

@Luinoh check F8 settings, any client sided errors should appear there and server side errors in your server console! Post them here if any show up, also it could be that QBCore is not installed correctly or an old version is present.

The error were the vehicles, it was trying to spawn Addon vehicles that I don’t have, as soon as I changed them to vanillas and others I have, its working pretty well, thanks!!

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only error i have seen so far:

also i get like billions dollars after i deliver the car lol

Made a post on the github, multiple errors.

Thank you, I know of this issue and hope i can fix it soon!

Okay, thats new…

this is a wonderful release, but payout gives billions of dollars. please let me know when you get an update pushed out, thanks!

Hi! Thank you, but for some reason, I’m not able to recreate your problem. Could you give any information that could help? As far as I’ve tested, the payout is always 3-5k.