[FREE] [QB] Simple Peds

A classic script that is being sold around the forum, which I don’t think is fair considering the effort involved.
So, here is a version that is free. Do whatever you’d like with it.
Don’t forget to inject the .sql file or add the table manually.

  • Create a ped with a command based on your coordinates.
  • Peds are saved into your database and automatically generates on start.
  • The framework QBCore is used for the command.
  • Oxmysql is used for database stuff.
  • Usage: /newped PedModelHere

Yes, there are similar scripts out there.
No, it’s not perfect, but perhaps a start for someone that is looking for something like this.
Feel free to change the code to match your framework/wishes.

Ped models: Ped models - Cfx.re Docs
Video: Showcase
Download: Github


Thank you very useful

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Setting the PED inside the house will be on the roof

Which house did you try putting the ped in?
Do you have an image?

@song0228 I’ll take a look at it on Monday as I’m currently away. I’ll let you know.

ok , sorry for your trouble

@song0228 Fixed. You can re-download it from Github.

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