[FREE] [QB/QBX] [OX] KTO Guidebook

[FREE] [QB/QBX] [OX] KTO Guidebook

Welcome to this script, this is my first ever release script that I’ve made for FiveM. This script includes a guidebook that can help your citizens learn the rules or other important information and includes the following things:

  • Add item to open the menu with. A premade item comes with the script, called ‘guide’;
  • Adds a ‘book’ emote (with scullyemote implementation). This emote is also configurable in the config.lua and can be changed to the emote you like;
  • Has a large configuration file for this small script size: configure icons, icon colors and emotes;
  • Easily adjustable to QB or ESX, just change the server event and the local QBCore = exports[‘qb-core’]:GetCoreObject();
  • Easily adjustable strings for all the 4 premade bookmarks;
  • Small guide included on how to make extra bookmarks in client and strings, see bookmark 5; :cat2:


Config = {}

Config.Emote = 'scully_emotemenu' -- Leave blank or use 'scully_emotemenu' 

Config.EmoteCommand = 'book'

Config.Item = 'guide' -- Change this to the item you want to show the guide with

Config.InfoIcon = 'fas fa-circle-info' -- Check FontAwesome for more icons

Config.InfoIconColor = '#189ffd'

Config.BookmarkIcon = 'fas fa-bookmark'

Config.BookmarkIconColor = '#189ffd'

Config.PunishIcon = 'fas fa-ban'

Config.PunishIconColor = '#189ffd'




If you need any help installing this script or modifying it to your liking, feel free to drop a comment below. I’m also very open to any ideas you might have to improve the script, so feel free to also leave a comment about that. :+1:

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~200
Requirements QB/QBX, OX
Support Yes

are the contents end user editable?

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Oh yes feel free to edit to your liking! And if you mean the content in the menu, you can add these in the strings or the client.

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Nice work, thanks :slight_smile:

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ESX availabe?

Hey @HevacyRP! I think the only thing you have to change is this rule of code in the server.lua.


exports.qbx_core:CreateUseableItem(Config.GuideItem, function(source)
  TriggerClientEvent('kto_guidebook:openbook', source)


ESX.RegisterUsableItem(Config.GuideItem, function(source)
  TriggerClientEvent('kto_guidebook:openbook', source)

Could you please check if this works? :blush:

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For qb-core/server

local QBCore = exports[‘qb-core’]:GetCoreObject()

QBCore.Functions.CreateUseableItem(Config.Item, function(source, item)
TriggerClientEvent(‘kto_guidebook:openbook’, source)

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Yes you can implement it there too, you don’t need the server.lua.

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Hi! Can you make multiple books?

Hi there @Redcide, at the moment you cannot make multiple books in the script however if you’re somewhat knowledgable about scripting you can easily make more books.

You can just put a new book in the Config, copy all stuff from the client & add your new registerable item in the server.lua or your shared folder.


It wants also an edit on manifest for ESX

[ c-scripting-core] Creating script environments for kto_guidebook
[ c-scripting-core] Failed to load script @qbx_core/modules/libs.lua.
[ c-scripting-core] Failed to load script @qbx_core/modules/playerdata.lua.
[script:kto_guidebook] SCRIPT ERROR: @kto_guidebook/server/server.lua:1: No such export CreateUseableItem in resource qbx_core

Thanks for your script.
It’s possible for qs-inventory ?
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I heard from someone I know too. I don’t know a lot about ESX, so if anyone can transfer it to ESX that would be great.

Do you have the latest version of qbx_core?

Hm, you can try it. There is not really something very much related to the inventory, as the product is made either on the server side or the core side. Can you try if it works?

Hey @Kwarktoetjee

For qbcore and qs-inventory, the script works but do not forget to leave the Config.Emote = " " field empty if you do not use “scully_emotemenu” and apply in server.lua the modification made by @Breizhoo

Thanks for your script.

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No, I use ESX Legacy and have rewritten the exports. still it doesn’t run and throws the error

Ah yes, currently it does not work with ESX. Unless someone transfers it, me personally I don’t have a lot of experience in ESX.