[FREE | QB] Pengu's Gruppe 6 Delivery Job! v2.0.8

Will it work will qs_inventory? Quasar with ESX

you’d have to add support for that

can you create one?

no thanks!

Ok Thanks


There’s a beta out now! Leave some suggestions and lmk any issues!
(This is a rework and fixes items)

Since I’ve gotten no feedback whatsoever. I’ll be releasing this new version (v2.0.0)!

If there are errors, I’ll fix them after I’m made aware of them!

Update to v2.0.0 today! (make sure to keep a backup of your old version you used!)

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I opened a PR on github!

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Preview coming soon

What’s Changed

  • Bag images for those that dont have any! by @Flek26 in #7
  • Easier to read config by @PenguScript in 2cb3b64
  • Apparently I had some code that I didn’t add to the repo (oops) here is the FIXED DELIVERY a71d6bb

New Contributors

  • @Flek26 made their first contribution in #7

Full Changelog: v2.0.0…v2.0.1

Github Release

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What’s Changed?

Made the config easier for those who are lazy.

Full Changelog: Comparing v2.0.1...v2.0.2 · PenguScript/pengu_gruppe6delivery · GitHub

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The update we’ve all been waiting for!


What’s Changed

  • Added interact options by @Nathan-FiveM in #9
  • Update interact from entity to model by @Nathan-FiveM in #11
  • v2.0.5 by @PenguScripts in #12
  • Added More Direction that fixes the repetitive cycle of the bag runs.

New Contributors

  • @Nathan-FiveM made their first contribution in #9

Full Changelog: v2.0.4…v2.0.5


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Idea to maybe use , if criminals see bank truck running around they can rob the truck for what cash has been picked up , maybe a silent alarm the driver can pull ?

Quite well done, but just a few things regarding security.

May want to ensure they can’t get more than the valid number of bags from whoever/wherever they’re stealing the item from (I didn’t look at the specifics).

Same validation required.

You’ll want to keep track of their delivered bags on the server.


Thank you Linden <3


What’s Changed

  • Added Vehicle Keys Function to Config.lua by @PenguScript in #16

Full Changelog: v2.0.6…v2.0.7

GitHub Link

Next, I’ll look over Linden’s comment and make many tweaks to make my resource better!

Issues regarding notifications/key issues (every issue) should be fixed now.

Download v2.0.8 in Releases!
GitHub Link