[FREE][QB][ESX]Capture The Flag

This is a Capture The Flag game mode for FiveM, with custom flag props and customizable rulesets. Two teams fight to capture each others’ flag.


  • Includes 2 pre-defined courses to play on; Paleto Carnage and Redwood Rampage.
  • Customizable rules, like auto-respawn back at base and preventing use of vehicles.
  • Low resmon while playing in a match. No resource impact while not playing in a match.


  • A player uses the command initctf to initiate a match. This person becomes the match admin. This notifies all players that a match is being setup.
  • The match admin selects a map to play on before players can join teams.
  • Once a map is selected, other players can join a team using the command ctfmenu.
  • When at least one player joins the match, the match admin can start the match.
  • Players can change teams before the match has begun. Match admins can change the map before the match has begun.


  • If your flag is taken, hunt down the flag carrier, and try to kill them and return your flag by touching it while it’s dropped. This will return your flag back to your base.
  • If your teammate dies with the enemy flag, you can pickup the dropped flag.
  • You can only score a point by bringing the enemy flag back to your team’s returned flag.
  • If you are carrying the flag, and exit the match area, the enemy flag will be returned to them.


assets_ctfflags - These are the models specified in the existing game config. I guess you could technically use any other model in FiveM, you would just need to specify them in the game config.
qb-core/qbox/ESX - When autoRespawn is set to true, the script calls the revive event compatible with these frameworks. Compatibility can be expanded to other frameworks if someone wants to do a PR or send me the event names.




Kill opponent and return flag

Capture the flag and win


Like that, well done :smile:.

This is so goood!! Good Job Joe!

This is a very good idea! I like it :star_struck:

nice work and thank you very much

yo JOE!
Dope free release, and esx version! Super awesome, thanks for release!


Amazing work Joe, Love to see this gamemode released for free. And uses svelte for the UI :heart_eyes:

nice work

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@SnipeOPGaming is actually the one who did the scoreboard. Did a great job on it and didn’t want a credit for it. He’s too modest.

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Wo0t wo0t!


Added powerups to the game. Currently only Haste, that temporarily increases the players sprint speed.

Great release Joe!

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This is awesome but is there any way you could add an option to pay the winner?

Yes, I’ve conceded that I’m going to have to add some framework integration to further implement the enhancements I want. I’ve already started working on some changes set to push soon. Keep an eye on the github this week.

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Sometimes the flags dont spawn in and one team is unable to get points

Wow just see it right now!

Awesome script and its so nice for PvP Servers to include this into a matchmaking system or something elese.

Great work bro!

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