[FREE] [QB] Ejector Seat

Eject Yourself!

Driver only command

Eject yourself out of any situation

Ejector Button Item included for added RP, get your mechanics to fit an β€œEjector Seat”

Configurable Options

Enhance your RP with this simple but effective Ejector Seat!

Ejecto Seato Cuz! :grin:

Github: GitHub - CertifiedStag/cs_ejector: Eject yourself from a vehicle, or if you need to, your passenger!

Tebex: Certified Scripts | Ejector Seat - QBCore (tebex.io)
Code is accessible = Yes

Subscription-based = No

Lines (approximately) = 63

Requirements = QBCore Framework

Support = Yes


How to change to prop consumption

So the tebex version is updated with this i will be doing the github when im back on PC :wink:

Both Tebex and GitHub Now updated!

Will now remove the item when the command is used.

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Is there a way to set it to eject the passenger instead of the driver instead?

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i’ll be working on this for the next update, its just tricky as i tried it before but it wasn’t working properly as it would have to basically force itself on the other persons client.

The Release You’ve All Been Waiting For!

You can now eject your passenger using the item itself!

Download the latest release here ^

I need ideas on how to differentiate the items so if you have any ideas let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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See latest release :heart:

the passenger eject doesnt function, but i think it would be cool if you get the items you install them and they are permanent with that vehicle. and i think if its just one item but when you install you can choose any available seat in the vehicle like for i.e. driver, front pass, rear left, rear right

Anyone every get the passenger eject function to work?

I haven’t had an issues raised to me about the passenger eject not working… I’ll have to have a look into this!

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im pretty sure i posted in november about it???