[Free] [qb-core] mz-bins

A fun, bin-dive function for qb-core servers (with a comprehensive readme.md for ease of set up, including inventory source code and inventory images).


This resource is self-contained in respect of dumpster props that can be interacted with (to which more can be easily added), a crafting location that can be configured in the same way that qb-target locations can be changed by changing the coordinates for the relevant polyzone or PED and a functioning shop - again, the location of which can be easily changed by changing the qb-target export in the client.lua (be sure to also change the same details in the config.lua to ensure the shop blip location is correct).


  • Works with or without XP skills integration (through mz-skills i.e. a “Searching” XP skill);
  • Some of the items are sellable directly at “Trash 'n Treasure” (a shop which forms part of the resource), other items can be broken down or processed into materials for use in crafting and other items have a rare drop rare or a unique purpose (crafting location included with crafting set up).
  • Works with or without a skillcheck;
  • Operates at resmon 0.00 idle (i.e. all through target, no range checking);
  • Extensive config for ease of customisation;
  • If used with mz-skills, the benefit of gaining “Searching” XP is that the pawnshop vendor pays higher for bin-dive sellable items. The config.lua explains the multiplier by reference to calling separate configurations. Changing the prices of items that the vendor will purchase will adjust the impact XP will have on the mz-bins progression.

v1.1 release

  • Improved config functions
  • Made chance to find nothing optional (and % able to be set by server owner)
  • Fixed potential exploit
  • Replaced depreceated qb-core functions


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This is quite cool, but suffers from the same issues as others, the player is not locked down when using progress, so they can cancel emote and can also run around still etc.

Thanks for your comment - although I am not sure I follow the issue? You can emote cancel the animation but you don’t have control returned until the progressbar completes or you escape out of it.

If the way to bypass is by calling an emotemenu, it would be relatively easy to remove that functionality by causing the progressbar to cancel upon keypress for the emotemenu (and it would depend on the server what key the emotemenu is assigned to) and also by disabling the command “/emotemenu”. Historically, I removed the ability to call the emotemenu at all because of issues not just with qb-progressbar but with other resources. Sounds more like a progressbar issue than for this resource.

Would it assist to provide that fix? Or are you talking about being able to walk around with a simple emote cancel - because I cannot replicate this?