[FREE] [PROPS] Wallet Props (Cards and key car)

:credit_card: No more empty hands with this pack when you check/give you ID card, when you go the ATM or when unlocking your car ! :credit_card:

  • Fleeca bank card
  • ID card
  • Driver licence card
  • Firearm licence
  • Key car
  • folder with icons for inventory (100x100)

:shopping_cart: Get for FREE on TEBEX
or here

:warning: You are not allowed to sell them. You can modify and share but always link the original product !
To retrieve a package you have just purchased, go to FiveM Keymaster then to Purchased Assets.

:books: Check READ ME file to have suggested coordinations for your animations.
These props are supposed to work with any animations, but they’ve been tested with

Player bone Right hand 57005

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Subscription-based No
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Support Yes

Nice, cool idea


need a direct link to asset

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ah ! okay, I’ll fix this asap

Nice work!

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This is really awesome, thank you!

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I really like this, nice job.

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cool idea

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how to get these working with animations ?

Hi, I recommend to make some research.
In your script you have to Request an animation, Create the object and then Attach it to the ped.

This could help you