[FREE] [POLICE] Albany V-STR Police Car

Albany V-STR Interceptor Car with you. This is the first mod I made, so if you find errors or similar, I would be very happy if you inform me about it.

After copying the rpdvstr folder in the FiveM folder to your server’s resources folder, add the following line to server.cfg: ensure rpdvstr
You can spawn the car with the rpdvstr code via an in-game menu and enjoy the vehicle.

Multiple Liveries
Callsign System
All Police Lights Extras
New Police Equipment Tunings (Police MDT, Pushbars, ALPR & Antennas etc.)

A script for siren sounds is recommended.

Feel free to use this Mod on your servers.
Remember to contact me before making any changes to the vehicle.
Do not re-upload this mod to any site.


Albany V-STR Interceptor.zip (9.9 MB)

Version 2 In Development
It is being rebuilt with new features.


do you have a template though so i can add my own liveries onto it?

Of course you can download it under the download link.

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Thank you!! Nice release though. Been playing around with it


Thanks for this, really helpful and will be using it :smiley:

Did you remove the download link ?

A mistake was made while editing the topic, fixed.

Nice work buddy :fire:

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It looks amazing, and the lightbars everything is great ! How do yo make the callsign work ?

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Explaining the details may make it difficult to understand the subject, but with the shortest summary: This system was created by adding special textures and paintability to the modified parts.

So the “callsign-system” is different liveries ?

3 parts are separated symmetrically from the roof of the vehicle and a total of 45 parts are created from 0 to 9. These parts are assigned a special texture according to how many call signs they will be, then a material that supports alpha is selected, then information is assigned to this material about how many colours it will change with.

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Got it! So we need to change the callsign with the liveries in the police garage. Awesome, good job :smiley: